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Little lioness with a huge roar

Come back

I’m just so lost. And depressed. I thought you would love me forever, I keep praying to god life gets easier and you come back to me and our family. This can’t be it. I’ve had fake relationships last longer than this. I’ve made my mistakes and then found you and made me rethink every decision I’ve made. Alls I want is to make you happy and just love and grow old together. You were my end and my beginning, now I’m stuck here waiting in the house that we’ve molded together. It’s so sad, this feeling of emptiness. I miss you that’s all I can say. Please be my night and day. My in between and upside down. I need you. I crave you. It’s sickening. I’m just so heartbroken and nothing will ever make it feel whole again, unless you come back. I can swear it… I’ll NEVER.. Love again .

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